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Spoilt for choice


Whether you're stopping for a post beach quick one, a pre-dinner cocktail, or even late night partying, Carvoeiro has the establishment for you. You won't find too many discos and loud music is rare, so the 18-24s are perhaps a bit less well catered for.

This list is far from comprehensive. It's simply a subset of those bars that we have visited more than once and would return to at different times.



Rachel's infectious smile welcomes you to Bar Talvez

Bar Talvez   New owners
Bar Talvez   At the end of the 2014 season, Craig and Jennie, form Havana Bar also took over this bar. They have some new plans, but we've yet to see them come to fruition, but look forwad to reporting on this soon.


Cheers Bar   A long time regular haunt
Inside Cheers Bar   Come in and join Monika and Kurt, who serve an amazing list of cocktails, as well as glasses of champagne and a selection of Cuban Cigars. Also try Kurt's special Rösti for a change of culinary experience.

Cheers is a small but friendly bar, and can be found opposite the pottery market on the right hand side of the road coming IN to Carvoeiro from Lagoa.



The Cocktail Garden   Evening fun in Monte Carvoeiro
Luis shows off freestyle bartending   For a fun experience, try the Cocktail Garden in Monte Carvoeiro Square where you'll be entertained with puzzles that blow your mind, and every now and then a show of juggling and cocktail mixing (or maybe missing) skills !

Luis calls it freestyle bartending. We call it fun.


Some others Our camera was not always present (fortunately!)
Bar Havana Cosy, colourful, Cuban themed bar run by Craig and Jennie. This is a great place to enjoy post dinner cocktails in a very different but friendly atmosphere.

The small bar can be found on Restaurant hill, about half way up on the right hand side after leaving the square.

Carvoeiro Bar Right opposite Bar Havana is a more traditional dark wood panelled bar, favoured by the Dutch and English communities, with comfortable seating galore, and always someone to chat to.

(smoking permitted)

Hemingways Another tiny bar that spills out onto the pavement to watch the world go by when the weather is glorious (which, of course is most of the time). This is also a favourite place to watch big sporting events while sipping on a long cold beer.
Smilers You cannot miss the bright red chairs outside this bar opposite the main town square and capturing the sun most of the day. A great place to sit, people-watch and just laze away doing as little as possible.
Sullys Very cosy bar right in the middle of town, off the main square next to the ice cream parlour. It seems to be set into the cliff and is always bubbling with many locals, residents and visitors all day and night.

(smoking permitted)

Innside Cafe On the parade of shops on the OUT road, we've not been there yet, but it comes recommended for the cocktails and displays of juggling and stacking tumblers.

(smoking permitted)


Live Music For a more boisterous evening
Bars with live music are not really our chosen cup-of-tea, so the listings below are predominantly based on word of mouth and/or accidents!
The Jailhouse Up a small side street next to the Post Office (Correiro), on the right hand side of the road as you come into Carvoeiro, you'll find the Jailhouse, which only gets going after 10.30pm
Round Up Saloon No review of Carvoeiro bars is complete without a mention of the Round Up. Whether its live music or the regular karaoke evenings you can expect a full on party atmosphere. Its definitely the place to let your hair down, and order is kept by the enormous but incredibly friendly old softy owner, Big Will
Manoels For very late night Jazz, this tiny hot bar at the entrance to Monte Carvoeiro (pictured top right) is the best, maybe only place for real jazz in the local area. Music is on Fridays and Mondays from around midnight onwards.
Bradys Irish Bar Bill Brady, an Irishman, has set the town on fire with this lively and welcoming Irish bar a little over half way up restaurant hill on the left. Live music most nights throughout the summer, and a bunch of really friendly bar staff to keep the drinks flowing to your table all night long.




Drink OR Drive

Portugal has a low tolerance for drunken drivers and the police WILL stop and prosecute.

All bars featured on this page are within stumbling distance of Ponto de Vista



No Smoking

Like most countries around the world, Portugal introduced a smoking ban in all public places at the beginning of 2008.

However, special provision was made for establishments to install appropriate air flow systems and thus be specially licensed to allow smoking.

Many bars chose not to allow smoking, but a number of them have taken the necessary action to permit smokers to sit indoors at the bar and enjoy a smoke with their drink.

Where this is allowed, we have made a special note.

All other bars are NON SMOKING.



Entrance to Monte Carvoeiro square

Entrance to Monte Carvoeiro square where you will find Cocktail Garden, Manoels jazz bar and various restaurants.



What to drink


Nearly all these bars have their own cocktail menu with a veritable plenitude of alcoholic (and some non-alcoholic) concoctions.


They are all mixed on the spot with love and care, and dressed with all the pretty umbrellas, colourful cocktail stirrers and fruit adornments that you would expect.

If you're looking for something approximating to the national drink, try a Caipirinha, which is really the national drink of Brazil.


The Algarve's claim to fame is called Medronho. Its a liqueur made from the Medronho berry, which is akin to a Strawberry.

Extremely powerful, there are dozens of small distilleries in the nearby Monchique mountains producing this firewater.

We would rather put it in the tank of our Ferrari which would then get us to Faro airport in 10 minutes flat.

Well that story may possibly be an exaggeration, but if you drank 2 shots, we guarantee that you'd believe it.


If beer is your tipple (its mine!), you can get various (local) bottled beers. Super Bock, Crystal and Sagres are the three biggest.

Draft beer is served in two sizes, "small" and "large". The small, which is about 33cl is called an Imperial, whereas the large draft often mistakenly referred to as a "pint", as thats a close approximation to its size, is locally known as a Caneca. If these words escape you, simply ask for a "small" or a "large" - you don't even need to add the word "beer". Its understood.


And finally, don't forget that Portugal makes some excellent wines, and of course its world famous Port.


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